Sunday, November 3, 2019

Fortnite.6.10 PC game Free Download {updated}

Fortnite.6.10 PC game Free Download {updated}

The patch also makes a variety of tweaks to the way the game performs and plays. For those on a PlayStation 4 Pro, Fortnite will now display at 1440p instead of 1080p when plugged into a 4K TV. The update also adds a new "Events" tab, where players will find in-game tournaments.

In the weapons and items department, Port-a-Fortress has been disabled while Epic figures out an issue with it. To compensate, the Port-a-Fort will drop more frequently, which should help out those who need to find one of these items for a challenge. The Guided Missile (which was recently disabled), meanwhile, no longer fires the wrong direction, which is nice, and players will no longer permanently attach to a Supply Drop when grappling to it.

Disco Domination, the recently launched limited-time mode, has changed in a number of ways. You'll no longer find bandages as often, and Common weapons are gone altogether. With respawns enabled--something that's quite uncommon for Fortnite--Epic has made some tweaks to improve the variety of places you spawn.

For those that want to see what's new with Save The World, check out the patch notes. The full Battle Royale changes can be found below, along with a video showing off the Quadcrasher.

With this patch live, we've also now gotten the newest set of challenges for Week 4. These include dealing with shooting galleries and dancing on a clock tower and more locations.

 Fortnite.6.10 PC game Free Download